Bush Walking and Bird Watching


The Munghorn Gap Nature Reserve, which The Drip adjoins and naturally forms an extension of, is internationally recognized for the diversity of its flora and fauna, in particular for its birdlife.  This richness is a consequence of being the crossover point of two major ecosystems - the coastal and the inland. 

If you are keen to join in birdwatching or bushwalking activities here at The Drip contact us by sending a comment on the blog or contact  Mudgee Tourist Office
PHONE (02) 6372 1020 
Fax (02) 6372 2853
Toll Free 1800 816 304 

We invite you to help us document this important environmental heritage photographically and are considering creating an annual prize for photographers who make a contribution to developing an appreciation of the values of this unique ecosystem, straddling the Great Dividing Range and marking the crossover from the coastal ecosytem to the inland ecosystems. The vegetation patterns found at The Drip show this important ecological changeover very clearly.

The base of the sandstone cliffs behind The Citrus Grove
Photograph by Clive Poolman 2011 

 Cliff face behind The Citrus Grove
Photograph by Clive Poolman 2011

Powerful Owl Chick
Photograph by Lori Warren 2008