Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wollemi Pine Christmas Trees

Its Christmas morning. And it's beginning to rain here at The Drip, serious rain after one of the driest and hottest years on record. Today a new Wollemi Pine, Wollemia nobilis, joins the others we have planted here. We aim to plant another Wollemi Pine in the grove every Christmas.

The Wollemi Pine is one of the oldest and rarest trees on the planet. With less than 100 adult trees known to exist in the wild, the Wollemi Pine is now the focus of extensive research to safeguard its survival. It was discovered in the nearby Wollemi National Park in 1994 and was one of the reasons the Park was recently granted World Heritage status. Wollemi Pine seems to thrive here at The Drip, no doubt feeling right at home.

The photo shows the first Wollemi Pines that we planted here in 2006. These were part of the first worldwide release of Wollemi Pines. Royalties from sales of the Wollemi Pine go to support the conservation of the Wollemi Pine and other rare and endangered plant species.

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