Friday, January 28, 2011

Less is More

It's plum season and there are hundreds of plums.  Too many plums. The Japanese Blood Plums are now finished, either eaten fresh or stewed and stored.  Only one French plum tree remains to be harvested.

We mucked up our timing this year, not thinning the crop of all our summer fruit when we should have, so ended up with fallen fruit on the ground.  This is not a good thing and meant a lot of work in picking up fruit in the hope of avoiding future problems with fruit fly and diseases. Damn.

We will now start a better diary/calendar system to help steer our way through the seasons.  First step is already online here, called "Cooking with Clive " this page shows when all the fruit trees here are ready for picking and processing.  We have almost a hundred varieties of fruit and nuts growing here now so this page should prove very useful.WE should aim for quality not quantity.

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