Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"I Could Taste the History!"

Last week we took a few of our "heirloom oranges" into Mudgee township for Aaron Cole of The Market Street Cafe to test.  Aaron gave them a definite thumbs up, loving the sour tanginess of these oranges that have grown here since the 1880's.  As Aaron said "I could taste the history"

They are quite unlike modern oranges, being small,  tart and highly aromatic. Aaron picked the remaining fruit from the trees and will be using it for marmalade at the Cafe.  We all plan on this becoming an annual routine from now on.  Aaron is also interested in having lamb from our flock of Wilsthire Horn sheep appear on his menu.

Given the uniqueness, age and value of our oranges, we aim to propagate the original trees in The Citrus Grove and keep this little piece of local food history alive into the twenty-first century.  For more on The Citrus Grove click here

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