Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Seasonal Vegetable Planting in the Espaliery

Peter Marshall planted this year's tomato crop, replacing the broad beans. This is an ideal crop rotation as the beans are legumes and have added nitrogen to the soil over the winter. The tomatoes went into beds 1B, 4D and 4C. Basil will be planted into these beds next week.

Peas were planted into bed 1A last month. Beetroot was planted in Bed 3B, alongside the existing asparagus patch,  several weeks ago, along with radish seed, French sorrel and land cress.  Basil,  coriander and chili were planted in Bed 1C along with existing silver beet.  Zuchini and mizuna planted in bed  2C alongside existing horseradish.  Radish seeds planted into Bed 3A with cucumber to be added asap.  Asian vegetables are planned for bed 2B.  Salad greens, snow peas and climbing beans are to be planted in Bed 2D.   Additional climbing beans can be planted into beds 3C and 4A alongside existing rhubard clumps.

Bed 2A is fallow this season, with all weeds and finished crops being composted in that beds.

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