Sunday, June 12, 2011

Notes from the Library #18

In the course of building a page for our new website a quick hunt around the internet for some information led to the accidental discovery of an excellent new book which is a must have for the library here.  The book,  "Tomorrow's Garden.  Design and Inspiration for a New Age of Sustainable Gardening".  is by New York based writer, Stephen Orr, Garden Editor for Martha Stewart Living 

In a recent interview Stephen summed up the philosophy underlying his new book. "I had worked at some very high-end glossy magazines, and documented a lot of very large estate gardens. I started to feel kind of psychologically burdened by how big and vast and grand these things were. Our economy had been puffed up and our garden-making had gotten puffed up, too. I wanted to addresses smaller gardens that have a sense of purpose. Gardens that were not just about money and getting the rarest plants ...  I just started to feel like we were all moving toward a new direction with  gardening that isn’t so wasteful and inconsiderate of our resources (water, time, effort, fertilizer).Or, at least, we should be." 

For more on Stephen Orr visit his blog by clicking here

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