Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Pollarded Tree is a Beautiful Thing

We know it is going to be controversial.  There will be those who will say that pollarding a tree as we did today is somehow "not natural"  and anyway "its too much work" to keep it pruned like that.  What a load of crap.  Gardening itself is not "natural".  Architecture is not "natural", art is not "natural",  clothes are not "natural", cooked food is not "natural" and, so it would too often seem in Australia,  concepts such as "taste", "style" and a well developed  appreciation of good  practical design are not "natural". Well,it's called "culture". And it's what Homo sapiens does.

Regarding the other often heard criticism that pollarding would be "too much work". Same thing  - total crap. Pollarding a tree once a year takes considerably less time than many people quite happily spend tweaking a silly little patch of overly manicured suburban lawn into some misconceived vision of "nice". Pollarding also has the practical advantage of allowing a tree such as the Plane Tree seen here to be kept to scale in a garden environment allowing it to complement rather than overwhelm the architecture.  The sculpted forms of well pollarded trees are a source of visual delight not just practicality.  If you disagree then go to Paris or London or Berlin or Rome or any one of a thousand great gardens to be found in the civilized world. But then, if you don't appreciate a pollarded tree you probably think that "civilized" is not "natural' and is "too much work" anyway.

Classic Pollarded Plane Trees
We were thrilled to find a local arborist, Terry Hall,  who understood exactly what we were seeking to achieve with the pollarding.   Within a couple of hours Terry had taken our unruly seven year old  Plane Tree and transformed it into something that in years to come will be one of the highlights of the gardens here at The Drip, Mudgee.  You can contact Terry on 0418 248 665 or email him at  And we are so delighted with the outcome we are already planning more of the same. Controversial or not.
The Plane Tree before pollarding

I see Pollards

Our Pollards are in The Main Courtyard at The Drip, Mudgee.  CLICK HERE to see this on our website

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