Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Progress with Pollarding of the Plane Tree.

Twelve months ago we were wondering whether or not to pollard the plane tree in The Main Courtyard. The tree if left to its own devices would have eventually become too big and be out of scale with the area. To see the posting about this click here

We decided to proceed and got our local arborist to do the job in Midwinter. Pollarding requires technical skill and artistic judgment and we were thrilled with the result. To see the posting on this plus some interesting photos of pollards from around the world click here

And now having burst back into vigourous growth it is looking fantastic; lush and shady and in scale with its surroundings.  Pollarding is in one of the many forms of creative pruning that we are utilizing with  increasing frequency in these gardens.  Given the success of this firstr venture in pollarding we are now considering planting more plane trees in The Main Courtyard.  To see more on The Main Courtyard click here

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