Monday, November 1, 2010

Grand Designs

We have made a big and life-changing decision in recent weeks. For the next several years we will shift our focus away from the construction of the house and back to where we started... the creation of a unique Australian garden.   No more frantic activity, endless construction hassles, building rubble and dust, but back to the gentler satisfactions of helping the gardens grow.

Check out the page entitled "Garden Design @ The Drip Mudgee" to see a list of the garden areas we embarked on when we first purchased the property and check back regularly to see progress in achieving our goals.

Today's photograph shows the gardens of Marquessac in the French wine and food region of  Dordogne, one source of  inspiration for future development in The Hill Garden at The Drip, Mudgee.  Will we ever create something as gobsmackingly wonderful as in  this photograph of Marquessac?  Time will tell. 

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