Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Aran and Julia create a Sanctuary

Aran Creighton and his wife Julia have spent time here in Mudgee planting baby Ironbark trees along  The Drip Lane Walk in area that had been badly degraded and damaged by the clearing of native vegetation since Eurpoean settlement.

This area is now being revegetated with specific varieties of trees and shrubs that will provide a food source for the endangered Regent Honey Eater, a species threatened by habitat destruction.

The area planted  by Aran and Julia is directly opposite The Nuttery and The Caretakers Cottage. One day we hope to see Aran and Julia spending significant amounts of time in an improved house that could be built in that part of the property. With Council approval for two dwellings already in place this valley property is ideally set up to accommodate our  two families .... the Poolmans and the Creightons together accepting custodial responsibility for The Drip into the future.

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