Monday, November 22, 2010

Aran and Julia at The Drip

Aran Creighton and his wife Julia arrived from London and spent time exploring the pleasures  of the inner city in Sydney and country life at The Drip in Mudgee.  This was Julia's first visit to Australia.  She was delighted by all that she saw and it  is now  looking as if the London/Mudgee shuttle service will be getting increasingly busy in the future.

Aran and Julia planted a new collection of cycads in The Hill Garden above the house.  Additional cycads, Macrozamia perowkskiana and Macrozamia communis,  too small to be planted out  just yet,  were also purchased from the Friends of the Royal Botanical Gardens in Sydney.

Aran cut a set of steps into the hillside leading from the Top Terrace down  along "Aran's Path" making the walk around this section of the garden more easily accessible.  Very useful as some of us seem  to be getting on in years and easy is good.

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