Sunday, February 6, 2011

Getting off the Beaten Track

Beyond the cultivated areas of the property lies another world.  Here you will find sandstone cliffs carved into fantastic shapes by thirty million years of wind and water, schlerophyll forests, lush ferns, masses of rock orchids and abundant wildlife including several species of wallaby, wombats, goannas and the rich diversity of birds that has made the Munghorn Gap a mecca for birdwatchers.  Of the sixty acres comprising The Drip approximately forty are bushland. 
The Waterfall Walk , which was mentioned in yesterdays blog,  is a great way to begin exploring  our bushland here at The Drip.  It is a relatively easy walk, involving a bit of scrambling over rocks but nothing too serious.  Remember to take drinking water with you and it's best to wear long trousers.

We will mark the Walk with pegs at some time in the near future to make it even easier. 

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