Friday, February 25, 2011

Notes from the Library #11

The Library here at The Drip grows apace. And it's partly because of the internet.

The ability to track down books online from anywhere in the world and at the best price has had a huge impact on our collections.  Yes, I am suffering pangs of guilt because I love bookshops and the thought of them disappearing from our streets breaks my heart.  But buying online can actually assist bookstores.  For example, with one book I was looking for, an excellent introduction to Islamic gardens entitled Gardens of Delight, I found the best price in Australia from a rare and used bookstore right here in Mudgee. I raced into town and grabbed it.

In my next Notes from the Library I will jot down a few thoughts about how the internet seems to be changing the actual style and content of some new food books being published. I call it Gastro Porn. And I love it.

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