Thursday, February 3, 2011


Defining the edges of cultivated garden areas is a fundamental component of garden design.   Edges can be hard, involving the construction of  stuff such as fences and walls; or they can be soft,  using  a wide range of plant materials as hedges or borders.    Here at The Drip we use a lot of Box Hedging, buxus,  to achieve clear definition.

Buxus has certain advantages over other types of hedging.  Firstly, it is suited to the Australian climate, dealing well with extreme heat. Secondly, grazing animals will not eat it ... cattle, sheep,  rabbits, kangaroos, even goats,  won't damage it.  Thirdly, it is slow growing, meaning it can be kept manageable fairly easily; in fact the maintenance of our Box Hedges is much less work than mowing the grassed areas.

A final factor in our choice of hedging is that buxus is very easy and relatively inexpensive  to propagate.  Check out the page on this website called "Propagating Plants at The Drip"  to see more information on this.

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