Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Inspiration from the Past.

About ten years ago, this pond in a large courtyard in Lucca, Tuscany, became the initial inspiration for The Octagon in The Main Courtyard - a  circular pond with a fountain at the centre, all set in a raised octagon.  Simple, beautiful and attainable.

This photograph, taken last week by our friend,  Richard Tulloch,  shows how the axis that runs from the centre of the underground cellar on the far side of the courtyard bisects the pond, passing through the fountain. The axis terminates at the house.  This is exactly as it is in our design here at The Drip, Mudgee, so the photo gives us a good idea of the future vista from The High Pergola across to our wine cellar.

We still have a way to go before The Octagon at The Drip is quite as charming as this, and the sculptures by Michelangelo are more likely to be something by a local Mudgee artist. But the creation of a worthwhile garden takes time, so please be patient.  We will get there eventually.  For more on The Octagon in The Main Courtyard click here


  1. Really looking forward to seeing the finished reproduction of the Palazzo Pfanner garden!

    Perhaps you may like to consider adding a small staircase, perhaps like the one from the Giardino Garzoni in Collodi. As a former puppeteer, Michael, I think you should make some reference to Pinocchio.

    Good luck though - your garden sounds like a fabulous project!

  2. Yep, a small staircase would be fun. But as they say , "one step at a time".