Friday, July 15, 2011

Notes from the Library # 20

This photograph from "Palazzo of Tuscany" gives a different view of the pond in Lucca that Richard Tulloch sent us a photo of earlier this week. A decade ago it was this image of the pond at Palazzo Pfanner that planted the seed of the idea that eventually became the design for The Octagon in our courtyard here at "The Drip".

It clearly shows the raised octagonal surround of the pond, though Richard's photo gives a better idea of the all-important axis that runs from the underground cellar through the pool to the house.

The lemon trees in terracotta pots and the crushed white limestone in our courtyard also owe their origin to this well-known garden which was used as the location for the 1996 film  "Portrait of a Lady" with Nicole Kidman. We might give the sculptures by Michelangelo a miss though.  For more on The Main Courtyard at "The Drip" click here.


  1. I was just lucky to get the red roses in full bloom, Michael, and to be able to take a photo without a fold down the middle.