Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Long Axis pointing to "The Drip".

The longest, and perhaps most meaningful, axis in the gardens runs from the turning circle of The Forecourt through the gate into The Espaliery and The Cut Flower Garden and then,  as seen in this photograph,  through The West Wing Garden and up the steps onto The Western Terrace.

The Long Axis terminates in an obelisk which marks the beginning of the path leading to "The Drip" at the head of the valley.  On the winter solstice, which is the shortest day of the year and therefore the turning point of the solar cycle, the sun sets behind this obelisk.  On this day the shadow cast by the obelisk from the last rays of the setting midwinter sun falls directly along the straight line of The Long Axis. The solar cycle begins anew at that moment.

This axis points directly toward the feature that is the very heart and soul of this place, the spring known as "The Drip";  a perpetual source of water which has never failed and after which the property itself and the lane on which it sits was named by the first European settlers. Such sites in ancient cultures were regarded as sacred and those who dwelt on these sacred sites accepted the responsibility for their custodianship.  We have accepted that custodial responsibility in this generation.

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