Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Main Solar Axis at The Drip

This week's blogging  will focus on a major project that we have been working toward for fifteen years ... highlighting the north/south solar axis which was the starting point for the design of the house and the gardens nearby. 

The excavations and earthworks that created the space now known as The Main Courtyard began in March of 1996.  Our principal design concept was the creation of a central axis that would run from the High Pergola at centre of the house , across the Main Courtyard and though the centre of the underground Wine Cellar. This main axis runs north-south giving the house a  strong solar orientation, governing where areas of sun and shade fall throughout the year. The overall design of The Main Courtyard, the House and the Hill Garden  can then achieve visual symmetry and balance by consistently relating to this main solar axis. 

To fully understand and appreciate the concept underlying the design of the gardens and the house here at The Drip it is necessary to first understand that the entire House Garden area and the outlying garden areas were designed around a series of Axial lines that correspond to the movement of the sun, charting a full solar year, as described in the page Garden Design at The Drip.

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