Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Head of the Main Solar Axis

The north-south axis running from the centre of the house, across the Main Courtyard and through the centre of the underground Wine Cellar,  terminates in a terrace designed to be the site of a Tempietto or "small temple".

Above the site of the Tempietto , aligned  on the axis,  is a Norway Spruce, planted  on Christmas Day 2005.   The Norway Spruce is the traditional Christmas Tree and is the tree used in the ancient northern European celebrations of the Winter Solstice.  On December 21 at midday  the shadow of this tree runs precisely along the main axis, reaching its most southerly extension.

The next step is the planting of Buxus hedging  to define the edge of the Terrace and then construction of a table and seating on the Terrace itself

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