Friday, April 1, 2011

Notes From the Library #15

These rather rough and ready garden design sketches were made in late December 1993, around the time of the Summer Solstice, about eighteen months after we purchased The Drip.  The designs arose in part from careful observations of the Solar Cycle over a full year.   Peter Marshall, our Head Gardener and himself the creator of immaculately detailed landscape design work, says that these sketches remind him of the diaries of Frida Kahlo.   He is such a diplomat.

The Main Axes of all the gardens surrounding the house were defined in these sketches, though of course the house too was just an idea at that time. There was nothing much here when we started, other than, as real estate people say, "potential".  Almost twenty years later it is gratifying to see that these rough concept sketches are taking physical form as actual gardens.  The dream is alive.

A recent and quite useful  version of this original sketch is now posted on the page "Garden Design at The Drip"

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