Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Walk through The Horse Paddock

The Horse Paddock is a small arboretum, arranged around a central, circular lawn. It links the two main dwellings on the property, providing a pleasant stroll between The Big House and The Caretaker's Cottage in The Nuttery.

The trees planted around the circular lawn are all from the northern hemisphere and comprise deciduous species selected for the beauty of their autumn colours plus conifers selected for their beauty of shape and form. Eventually the lawn and the main paths will be edged with varieties of Buxus and Taxus baccata, clearly defining the structure of this garden.  Neither of these hedging plants are attractive to grazing animals such as sheep and kangaroos making them ideal for a garden such as this.

The collection of trees in The Horse Paddock is divided into geographical regions.  Walking through these plantings is a journey from China to Japan then though North America across to Northern Europe, the Mediterranean and North Africa concluding in the Middle East before crossing the Himalayas and returning to China.  Thankfully it is quite a short walk.  A full list of trees in The Horse Paddock is on the page Tree Plantings at The Drip

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