Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Little Bit of Barragan in Mudgee

The next area that needs some serious sorting out is on the north-east of the old section of the house. We suspect that one day this area will be given a roof and developed into the kitchen and living room but right now it makes a wonderful Outdoor Kitchen adjoining The Main CourtyardIt is also very useful for parties and makes a great dance floor for those who still do that kind of thing.

A quick colouring-in job, inspired somewhat by the works of the great mid-twentieth century Mexican architect Luis Barragan will help transform what is now a rather messy unfinished space into something much more pleasing.

The first step in the planned transformation is to slap some lime wash onto the rough Hebel block walls and the "front door" is now painted with our own version of ox-blood red.  This intense colour was custom mixed for us by Porters Paints in Surry Hills.  For the record the formula is FBRED-5Y; E-1Y2; FBMAG-1Y42; KX-42.

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