Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Axial Path to the Citrus Grove

This path forms another axis, linking the House Gardens with the Citrus Grove.  At  the head of this axis is a wonderful site for a small structure; the site is in fact so good that at one stage we had actually considered building the new house up there instead of where it currently stands. A well designed "Tiny House" would be a delightful and very useful embellishment here, ideally in a style that provides a strong visual link with the existing Big House.

This axis runs from the Big House along the Fig Walk that separates The Espaliery from The Cut Flower Garden, intersecting with the "Long Axis" and then crossing the intermittent watercourse, where Rick Martin is mowing the path in this photograph.  The axial path then heads up the hill to the suggested site for the Tiny House in the Citrus Grove, marked in this photo by the  graphic at the head of the axis.

On the Mid Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, the rays of the rising sun align directly along this axis. Two plinths, marked by the two yellow circles in this photograph,  will soon be erected to mark this significant event in the solar calendar and define the path more clearly.  The proposed Tiny House would benefit from this solar axial alignment.

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