Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Fireplace in The Main Courtyard

Winter is coming, it’s getting colder now and the fireplace in the corner of The High Pergola of The Main Courtyard still needs more work done if is to realize its fullest potential.  This fireplace was intended to be not only a delightful and rather spectacular feature providing winter cheer in this outdoor cooking and eating area, but equally importantly,  also providing much needed heat to the interior of the house during winter. At the moment it does neither of the above.  

Errors in the construction of both the chimney and of the firebox mean that it emits so much smoke that what should be a much used and very useful heating device has instead become an unpleasant and under-utilized waste of space, rendering the entire pergola area unusable in winter.  In addition, the original intention of putting metal pipes through the firebox which would duct super-heated air back to the inside of the house has not been realized due to the lack of professional experience, technical expertise and creative imagination possessed by the builders. This means that we are not currently getting the intended benefits of cost-effective, environmentally sustainable heating gained through using our own firewood grown here on the property.  It is bloody disappointing.
Both these problems should begin to be resolved this winter by some intelligent re-engineering now that the house is becoming a home.  Clive is on the case, so stay posted.


  1. Once the smoking chimney has been repaired (no mean feat), then other opportunities arise such as directing heat internally to the house etc etc

  2. Firstly We love your blog.....We have a little place at Mudgee that is our get away from the city haven but it is in need of a fabulous fireplace, I am nervous about exactly the problem you guys have had is there any one you would recommend (or not recommend) to build it for us? We are just Mudgee side of Cooks Gap. Thanks
    Jacqueline H

  3. Jacqueline. It is so odd that today of all days you have commented on this posting! We have just spent the day pulling the chimney apart and rebuilding it. Part of the problem was that we were given bad advice from people who recommended installing a flue at significant cost. We took the damn thing out today, leaving a simple open chimney instead and it seems we have gone 80% of the way towards fixing the issue of smoke pouring out everywhere. So in answer to your question ... it is still very much a work in progress with a very steep learning curve. Keep in touch and we will let you know how things turn out. Or come ion over sometime and sit around the fire with a glass or two of good Mudgee red :)