Monday, May 9, 2011

A Whole New Thing Begins

With the registration of new domain name "The Drip" now has the foundations of a new online home in the form of a full website. 

The new website will allow more comprehensive and detailed information to be presented than is possible on this blog.  The site will feature photography, maps, drawings, sketches, designs, plans, plant lists, botanical information and commentary covering all twenty one named garden areas that we have begun developing here plus insights into why this property and The Munghorn Gap is of special environmental significance. Prominence will be given to The Garden Walks and The Bush Walks that are being laid out across the property,  enabling visitors to better appreciate the beauty of this place.

The development of the new website will be quite time-consuming, so for the next few weeks postings here on the blog may be less frequent and will  focus mainly on the development of our new "virtual garden" at

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