Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Outdoor Kitchen in The Main Courtyard

The north-eastern side of The Main Courtyard is formed by The Outdoor Kitchen, still unfinished, but now clearly delineated by lines of blockwork with a gateway leading to The Hill Garden, The Camellia Grove and The Wisteria Walk.

The area features a number of outdoor cooking options, including fire bins and Mudgee Bush Ovens, which were created by renowned potter Cameron Williams and which have been used to cater for up to 500 hundred guests at TABLESCAPE events in the past.  We are currently thinking of installing a Tandoori Oven, shown in this photograph by the graphic to the left of  the opening for the gateway.

The next step in finalizing the plan for this area is to make a decision on what to use on the ground... paving, gravel or grass?

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