Thursday, May 19, 2011

Buxus Hedge for The Eastern Terrace

Peter and Jay planted around a hundred new Buxus sempervirens, English Box, this week, defining the edge of The Eastern Terrace.

This month has seen a lot of Buxus action with the clipping of existing hedges in full swing and the of propagating of new plants from the clippings ensuring that next year we will be planting even more of these incredibly useful plants.  Buxus sempervirens has arguably been the most popular hedging plant for more than two thousand years and it is easy see why.  It rocks. 

We now propagate around 500 buxus each year.
Clive and Peter use string lines to get the level before clipping the hedges
Peter clips our original buxus hedge, planted in 1993, and now the source of all our buxus cuttings

Propagating trays filled with our mix of Rice Husk and Peat Moss soak to ensure the mix is thoroughly wetted
Semi-Hardwood cuttings treated with hormone will take root in abou 8 weeks in the propagating frame
Cuttings transpanlted into tubestrock at abour four months then kept moist in Clive's Supa Drip Trays 
 some are potted at 18 moths on for transplanting as advanced plants
 the first wartering in is crucial to ensure soil contact with the roots

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