Friday, May 6, 2011

"The Garden Room"

The southern-eastern side of The Main Courtyard is formed by The Garden Room. This was intended to become the new kitchen and living room.  For the foreseeable future it will remain un-roofed and innovative ideas for roofing it are still evolving.

Terracotta tubs with lemon trees and our rapidly expanding collection of potted succulents are now finding a home here, hence it is as much a part of the garden as it a part of the house.

It is called The Garden Room as a tribute to the great architect Frank Lloyd Wright's dramatic, light-filled canvas-roofed living room of the same name at Taliesin West, Arizona.  Wright's Garden Room evolved over many years as is this room here at The Drip, Mudgee.  The Garden Room is increasingly used for large gatherings.

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