Friday, October 7, 2011

Spring Weeding

Warm weather and lots of spring rain inevitably means that weeding is high on the list of priorities right now.  Elaine Paton has been here and is doing an unbelievable job going through the Old Cottage Garden with a fine tooth-comb and removing unwanted upstarts before the big growth flush begins in earnest.

At this time of year we have a number of desirable self seeded plants - poppies, parsley, nigella and  cosmos - coming up amongst unwanted weed seedlings in this garden, so Elaine's painstaking approach is the only way to preserve the desirable plants whilst banishing the undesirables

The Old Cottage Garden requires an intimate familiarity with the seasonal cycle and with the inhabitants of this specific garden. Careful observation allows the gardener to gently tweak the whole ecosystem of this complex little area, nudging it all along in the right direction season after season.   For more in The Old Cottage Garden including complete plant lists click here

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