Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Online Garden Visitors

We bought this Maoilica tile, by the ceramist Laureanti, in the Sicilian town of Caltagirone in 1995.  The tile is now installed in The Rose Tunnel in The Parterre Garden and I wrote about it some time ago here on the blog.   Today Laureanti's daughter, Marta,  contacted us via the website.  Here is what she said.  "Hello!! Compliments for your garden!!I'd like just to say that it was so strange discover your post for a coincidence!! I am the daughter of the ceramist Laureanti! and you have one of his works. in 1995 I was 12 years old.  I hope you had happy time in my town. My dad is still a ceramist but now he has a new shop just in the other side of the Piazza Municipio, along Principe Amedeo Street.. . If you have time surely come back to visit it will be a great pleasure for my dad."

Another online visitor made contact earlier this week,  "Hi, I'm a landscape designer from Santa Barbara, CA. I accidentally found your blog while looking for photo of fruit tree groves for a client presentation. Forty five minutes later, I'm still loving your site. Please include me as a member of your web site and blog. I lived in Australia for a couple of months while traveling after graduating from college. I look forward to disappearing into your magic gardens, when time allows. Thank you . Downing Denison"

It is such a delight sharing our gardens with people from all over the world in this way.  What a difference the internet makes to things,  bringing us into contact with garden lovers from everywhere.  Gardens have historically often  been a place for civilized social interaction.  And in the 21st century it seems they perform this role in new and unexpected ways.


  1. The power of the objects, the power of the hands, the powers of the person, all in your garden. fantastic! See you. Marta L.

  2. Marta, I do hope that one day you can visit and add your own energies to the garden.