Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Netting the Cherry Trees

The cherry trees are bearing good crops this year.  But we will lose the lot to birds unless they are netted from now on.  The Espaliery was designed to make this relativly simple and quick.  Each fruit tree in The Espaliery sits between a pair of timber poles and below a timber rail.  This to enable nets to be placed for the protection of each tree individually
Step 1;  Hang net from top rail 

Step 2;  Attach net to the hooks on the pole
In this case the adjacent tree was also ready to be netted
Step 4 Dowels are attached to the nets to hold them down. These will remain for rolling up and storage.
Step 5 Check for holes in the net and repair if necessay

These individual nets will be moved around the Espaliery  throughout the coming months as the harvest of early and late cherries give way to the plums and then figs, quinces and apples. The system provides the flexibility needed to protect each tree just at the  time it needs protection and allows us to remove nets before the tree grows through it.

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