Monday, October 24, 2011

What's Blooming this Week?

A stroll though The Western Acre at this time of year reveals a very different world from the enclosed areas of The House Gardens.  This Leucadendronn is one of  a number of South African members of the Proteaceae family are currently in flower in this wilder section of the property..

The Western Acre is divided into a number of areas. In effect it a small Botanical Gardens, focusing on flowering shrubs and trees of the Southern Hemisphere. One area has designated for a collection of Proteaceae not only from South Africa  but including Australian species such as this charming Grevillea from Queensland also flowering now.

We have only planted a small number of introduced shrubs into this area which is predominantly degraded bushland damaged by a century of over-grazing by cattle. The limiting factor in developing these new gardens has been the ability to provide regular watering during the establishment phase.  We hope to resolve that this season with a new spur of irrigation leading through th this entire area

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