Monday, October 3, 2011

What's Blooming This Week?

Drip Mudgee Iris #1 pale-mid blue
The daffodil display is done. And now the tall Bearded Irises take over.

The classic blue variety above is the first to bloom, with another twenty varieties still to come. We will blog the varieties as they come into flower over the next month or so.
Drip Mudgee Iris #2 Cobalt Blue

 Drip Mudgee Iris #3 White with pink flush

Drip Mudgee Iris #4 Pale blue

This year we will divide the clumps, which have multiplied enormously over the last few years. This will  be done as each clump blooms so we know what is what.  The divisions will be planted out in The Parterre Garden . For more on The Parterre Garden, including a list of the Irises and a plan showing where each variety is planted click here

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