Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The First Asparagus of the Season

The first asparagus shoots are emerging in The Espaliery telling us that  Spring is definitely on the way.

The asparagus bed is now four years old and we expect to be harvesting huge amounts from now on even though it is still  crucial that we leave one third of the crop from each crown unharvested to rebuild vigour for next year.  During this growing period the plants need generous watering so we will be re-setting the irrigation timers to achieve the moisture levels necessary to ensure fast growth and tender shoots. We never bother buying the rather sad looking bunches that are available year round from the big supermarkets, much preferring to eat asparagus only during its season of growth here in our own garden.
A generous feed with fresh compost at this time and at the end of the picking season will keep things moving alongFor more on The Espaliery click here

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