Monday, August 1, 2011

What's Blooming This Week?

The camellia tree in The Old Cottage Garden has just started to bloom. The huge old tree can be seen on the right of the path in the photo posted in yesterday's blog entry. There are literally thousands of buds this year and soon the entire tree will be covered with blossom.  With a few unseasonably warm days, the bees are out and about and loving the blooms.

This tree was planted here in the late nineteenth century and local legend has it that it was a cutting from the first camellia in Australia.  This seems unlikely but has inspired us nonetheless to develop an historically themed collection of camellias in The Camellia Grove.

We need someone to identify the original variety in The Old Cottage Garden.   Help please.  A few bottles of excellent Mudgee red wine will go to whoever can correctly identify it first. For more on The Camellia Grove at The Drip click here

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