Friday, August 5, 2011

Propagating Box for the Parterre Garden

Our original stock of Dwarf Box, Buxus sempervirens suffricticosa, is being increased by cuttings in The Shadehouse.

In order to complete Clive's design for the new parterre garden we will need 400-500 new plants, so this represents a substantial cost saving for this project.  And of course we have many other projects, needing many, many new plants.

Propagation has been made much more reliable by recent improvements Clive undertook  in The Shadehouse,  particularly the installation of a new watering system with drip trays and timers. Delicate young plants will die in a few hours without water and in the past we have lost many hundreds of plants because of this.  The timers should help avoid similar catastrophes in the future.  It is important however to check the batteries regularly as these can go flat quite rapidly.  To see more on propagating plants in The Shadehouse click here

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