Saturday, August 20, 2011

Notes from the Library #23

It takes a lot to lure me out of here these days.  More and more I agree with Cicero's dictum "If you have a garden and library you have everything you need".  And, increasingly now, the garden and the library at The Drip are sources of complete and utter satisfaction.  But the Mudgee Reader's Festival sounded like something I shouldn't miss, particularly as one of the speakers was the author of a book that clearly should be in our library.  So it was off to town for a very civilized day of socializing with people who read and people who write.

Derelie Cherry's "Two Dogs and A Garden" is a charming, lush and very personal account of her life in Paradise.  "Paradise" for Derelie is the garden her husband Bob has created 100 kms north of Sydney, a garden that Leo Schofield described as a "horticultural Valhalla."  Over a period of forty years Bob Cherry has built this remarkable garden, bred plants and developed one of Australia's most successful wholesale nurseries.  

Bob's passion for flowers has lead him to create an amazing array of new garden varieties, most notably the well-known and very widely distributed "Paradise" range of Sasanqua camellias.  We have never planted these here, but I suspect that after reading Derelie's book, and gaining an insight into the person behind the plants,  there might soon be some new additions to our camellia collection.  For more on The Camellia Grove click here

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