Monday, August 22, 2011

Red Swamp Banksia

The Red Swamp Banksia (Banksia occidentalis) or Waterbush is from a small area on the south coast of Western Australia.  We planted one in The Water Garden eighteen months ago, where we have planted dozens of  east coast banksias,  unsure if it would survive here. 

The Water Garden had been been inaccessible since the great floods of last year so this week it was a nice surprise to discover the Western Australian banksia had grown rapidly, surviving dought, wind, frost and flood,   was in full flower and already attracting the attention of honeyeaters.This is a tough little beauty, which is what we need in the difficult location where we are developing the Water Garden.

A field study in its native habitat showed that the Red Swamp Banksia is pollinated by the New Holland Honeyeater and the White Cheeked Honeyeater.  Both these species occur here and are increasingly frequent visitors to The Water Garden.  For more on The Water Garden click here

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  1. it seems a little bit, like what we call Calistémon ou "rince-bouteille", but I don't thik it's the same!