Friday, August 26, 2011

The Future of The Garden Room.

We used a photograph of last night's bonfire to create a Photoshop mockup of the design for the wall of  "The Garden Room".  Although we are loving this unroofed space in its current form the idea of one day creating a huge kitchen and living room is also attractive.  And anyway it is fun playing around with design ideas.
This wall faces north-west so the single most important factor affecting the design is the need to screen the hot afternoon sun in summer whilst allowing it to penetrate in winter.  Our current thinking is that the small square windows high in the wall allow easy shuttering when needed, while the three narrow slots only allow sun to penetrate in winter and the large door opening out to the pond and fountain in The Octagon will be shielded with a brise soleil.  

A totally different, hi-tech solution could involve the use of double-glazed smart glass in the construction of this wall.  Innovative suggestions would be very useful at this stage as we are in no rush and time spent on developing the final design could lead to an awesome outcome.

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